Exclusive: Airbnb finds new ways to offer local experiences in Thailand to travellers

Airbnb in Thailand
Villas in Thailand are popular among Airbnb users looking for a spacious place to stay

This is a story excerpt. The full feature will appear in the July/August issue of Dot Property Magazine.

Nearly 11 million guests utilised Airbnb to book rooms in Asia (excluding Australia and New Zealand) last year and the firm recorded an astonishing 177 percent growth in the region. Malaysia and Thailand proved to be particularly popular with inbound travellers. A total of 700,000 people stayed in Malaysia last year using Airbnb while Thailand welcomed 774,000 inbound guests via the service.

Obviously, experiences play a big role in attracting visitors to use Airbnb. Each country has unique hospitality traditions people want to experience and Airbnb is able to seamlessly connect hosts with guests interested in the character and personality of the places they visit. This idea is what gets users interested in Airbnb, but it is localisation and technology that fuels the service.

“Localisation has also been an integral contributor to the success story of Southeast Asia. Be it payment methods, translation of languages and localised marketing campaigns, every country is different and we want to help tell that authentic local story,” Robin Kwok, Country Manager of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan, explains. “Additionally, technology plays an integral role for travellers in Southeast Asia with the region’s online travel population at 39 million across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Our mobile and desktop application is localised to language and payment methods.”

Airbnb wants to bring travellers truly authentic experiences 

The 'Secret of the Cacred Tattoo' is one of the many experiences in Thailand availble to travellers
The ‘Secret of the Sacred Tattoo’ is one of the many experiences in Thailand available to travellers

Until recently, Airbnb has been all about homes, letting travellers see cities through the eyes of a local, by staying in their homes and experiencing an authentic side to a local neighbourhood. That’s all changed with the launch of Trips – an enhanced product – which offers guests not just Homes, but also authentic local Experiences and insider Guidebooks all in one place, allowing travellers to immerse themselves completely during every aspect of their trip. Experiences – of which there are now 800 live across over 20 cities – are handcrafted activities led by passionate, local experts which offer unprecedented access to communities and places you would never otherwise come across.

“We want to make this process seamless and simple, and make sure that the trip itself is memorable, authentic and unique. That’s why Trips is such an important milestone for us; we’re taking that first step to move Airbnb beyond the concept of home sharing, with Experiences and Places now helping travellers see the true character of a city, through the people who live there,” Kwok says.

And Airbnb isn’t stopping with Trips. As travelling evolves, both in Southeast Asia and internationally, it wants to find new ways to simplify how plans are made.

“Our ultimate goal is to take this even further, and for people to be able to research, plan and book every aspect of their trip through the Airbnb app, becoming an end-to-end hospitality solution,” Kwok proclaims. “At the moment, people have to go to lots of different places to research and book different elements of their trip – flights, accommodation, what to do when they reach their destination.”

Whether it’s young people wanting to meet travellers from around the world and show off the best of their city, families with spare space who want to earn additional income to help pay the bills, or senior hosts with time to spare in their retirement, Airbnb offers benefits to people of all ages and backgrounds. Through connecting people from around the world by breaking down barriers and helping them experience the world in a whole new way, it’s clear that Airbnb is doing what it set out to do: make travel magical again, and help people belong anywhere.

Solving legal confusion

Airbnb TH3One of the main issues Airbnb faced upon entering Southeast Asia was legality. Similar to other tech-based companies like Uber, most countries in the region had no rules or regulations to protect or ban the service. Instead, hotel or property laws were used to categorise Airbnb, which created confusion as to its legal status in markets like Thailand.

“Many of the laws regulating home sharing around the world were drafted long before the arrival of the internet and, just like every new innovation, it can take time to adjust and catch up to the pace of change,” Kwok says. “We recognise that every city is unique and has its own set of challenges and priorities. What works in Tokyo may not work in Singapore, and what suits Singapore might not be right for Bangkok.”

Airbnb has been diligent in its efforts to dispel this confusion and has reached out to governments directly to help clarify any misconceptions. The company has already reached agreements with policymakers in more than 275 jurisdictions around the world to ensure users are able to use the service hassle free.


Thailand’s luxurious getaway – Pirom at Vineyard

Less than a two-hour drive away from Bangkok sits Khao Yai. The beautiful countryside filled with vineyards and lush greenery feels more like Napa Valley than Thailand and is one of the few places where you can actually get away from it all. And that’s just what those behind Pirom at Vineyard hope you’re able to do.

Every weekend, many of Bangkok’s urbanites retreat the city looking for a change of scenery. Some head eastward to the beaches of Pattaya and Rayong while others venture to the west where the charms of Hua Hin can be found. And those in the know head northeast where the tranquillity and splendour of Khao Yai awaits.

The region is enclosed in a forest that has remained unchanged for centuries. It is one of the country’s last remaining refuges of lakes and trees, flora and fauna, and undisturbed elements of water, sun and earth. The weather is also a treat with cool evenings and misty mornings providing visitors a respite from Bangkok’s unrelenting humidity and heat.

The rare weather patterns are also ideal for growing grapes which explains why Khao Yai is home to Thailand’s most prestigious wineries such as PB Valley Khao Yai Winery. One of the first wineries in all of Thailand, the fine wines of this estate have won several international awards.

Pirom at Vineyard 4Situated next to PB Valley Khao Yai Winery is Pirom at Vineyard, a hidden paradise of unspoiled land nestled in Khao Yai’s gorgeous hillside. Despite being less than two hours away from Bangkok, it feels like an entirely different world. The spacious development is spread out over 800 rai, half of which has been dedicated to common areas and gardens.

This allows nature to take centre stage. Landscape design, something not seen as a priority at most luxury developments, was emphasised at Pirom at Vineyard. Wannaporn Pui Phronprapha of P Landscape was entrusted to create a space that maintains the connection of land and architecture. The Harvard Graduate School of Design adroitly planned Pirom at Vineyard ensuring houses were spaced out to allow for privacy and undistributed views of nature.

Her masterful design was exactly what the Bhirombhakdi family, owner of the plot of land, had envisioned for it. The plot had been a treasured secret for generations due to its spectacular contours and vistas. However, Piya Bhirombhakdi believed it was a treasure that should be shared with others.

His vision was to create a community of like-minded households whose owners seek luxury that is optimally balanced with nature. Pirom at Vineyard offers 5-star service as well as facilities for picnics and outdoor activities. The end result is a luxurious getaway where people weary from the city can escape to and reconnect with nature.

Pirom at Vineyard 3Beautiful retreat

The house types available at Pirom at Vineyard are simply beautiful. Designed by respected architect Boonlert Hemvijitraphan, each home was built with natural materials to give them a rustic appeal. He utilised promenade architecture to create a contemporary living space with hints of luxury.

Each home was designed with the idea less is more in order to remove barriers and provide residents with a constant connection to nature. The homes are functional and accentuate the bond between nature, air, light and space. This allows everything to flow and feel alive.

Unit types at Pirom at Vineyard


Gross Floor Area: 893 square metres

Usable Floor Area: 495 square metres

Spacious without being imposing, the Valley home is the ideal family space. It offers privacy and a connection to nature that everyone regardless of age will enjoy. The Valley home has four bedrooms and six bathrooms along with five parking spaces. It is the largest unit type available at Pirom at Vineyard.


Gross Floor Area: 830 square metres

Usable Floor Area: 477 square metres

This four-bedroom, five-bathroom home has a awe inspiring courtyard space that is the perfect place to soak up the views for the surrounding nature. The home also contains living space for maids and five parking spaces.


Gross Floor Area: 689 square metres

Usable Floor Area: 380 square metres

Inspired by the design of a barn, this home type has a very charming appeal to it. The three-bedroom, four-bathroom home has been cleverly laid out to separate the common areas and sleeping spaces while incorporating the surrounding nature into the design.


Gross Floor Area: 597 square metres

Usable Floor Area: 289 square metres

The horizontal home type is practical and distinguished with a long hallway that offers some spectacular views. The home has three bedrooms and four bathrooms as well as two parking spaces.

For more information:

Phone: +66 (0) 2-262-0177



Check out the newest issue of Dot Property Magazine

Dot Property Magazine Issue 22

The newest edition of Dot Property Magazine is out now. You can find it here or download it using the free Dot Property Magazine app available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Here is the editor’s letter from the most recent issue which provides a look at what to expect from the current issue of Dot Property Magazine.

If the first quarter is any indication, this year promises to be one full of innovation for real estate in Southeast Asia. This isn’t to say the projects launched and completed during the past few years were bad. Far from it. But, it did feel as if many developers found formulas or templates they were happy to stick with.

It is refreshing to see many firms flip the script with competition around the region for homebuyers and investors at record levels. I’ve seen first hand how developers in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia are thinking, and building, outside the box.

On the cover of Dot Property Magazine is Grand Himalai (p. 44). Developer Blue Horizon didn’t want to rest on its laurels. It went above and beyond to create a condotel that stands out, even in Phuket’s crowded marketplace. The amenities in particular shine when you factor in the attractive price point for units here.

Speaking of amenities, I’m still taken aback by what is found at Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange (p. 30). SENA Development and respected Japanese property firm Hankyu Realty have teamed for the condominium that will have facilities spread across 30 floors, a record in Asia. It was so impressive that I thought about taking a unit at the recent pre-launch event.

Picasso Villas were finished in October and it boasts features not found anywhere else such as a FIFA certified 5-aside football pitch, a villa inspired by Jayne Mansfield and another with enough football memorabilia to fill a museum. I’d highly recommend staying here if you’re visiting Phuket (p. 32).

Moving over to the Philippines, Filinvest has been hard at work to create developments that go beyond the ordinary. For example, it pulled out all the stops on the interior design at Fortune Hill, blending the conveniences of today with a timeless sophistication residents will enjoy. The result is simply stunning (p. 62).

We also have Anchor Land whose work in the Manila Bay area has transformed this part of the city (p. 50). The developer embraces the upscale lifestyle Manila Bay made famous at the beginning of the 20th century and this is evident in developments such as Admiral Baysuites. The condominium captures the spirit of the old Admiral Hotel, a historic building the firm is currently redeveloping.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. More launches are set for the second quarter and it looks as if many developers from around the region have a few surprises in store. Both end users and investors are going to be spoilt for choice this year, no matter where in the region they are looking to buy. And that is undoubtedly a good thing.

Thanks for reading,

Cheyenne Hollis

Click here to read the current issue


Don’t miss the Q3 issue of Dot Property Magazine

Dot Property Magazine

Dot Property Magazine, Asia’s premier real estate magazine, is out now. You can read it online by clicking here or pick up a copy at outlets around the region including Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you prefer to read it on the go, download the FREE Dot Property Magazine app. You can find it in the Apple Store and Google Play.

This issue is filled with outstanding articles on all things lifestyle and real estate. Here are just a few of the highlights you will find in the latest issue.

Dot Property Magazine cover story: Blue Horizon enjoys Phuket Success

What makes Blue Horizon the best? It starts with the portfolio of impressive developments including Skylight Villas, The Beachfront, Grand Himalai and its newest creation, Heavena.

Blue Horizon won Best Developer Phuket at the Dot Property Thailand Awards for the second consecutive year. From beautiful projects to a dedicated team, the developer works diligently to stay ahead of the competition.

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Spotlight: A historic night for Vietnam’s real estate market

Winners Vietnam 2018 SmallVietnam’s top developers, projects, real estate agents and companies all took home honours at the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2018. Among the big winners this year were Kien A Corporation and Cityland. A total of 23 awards were handed out this year.

Organised by Dot Property Vietnam, the country’s fastest growing property portal, the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2018 took place at the historic Hotel Rex in Ho Chi Minh City.

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In this issue: 4 things foreigners buying Makati condos must do

Overseas buyers are able to purchase condominium units in Makati, however, the process isn’t always smooth. There are several things foreigners buying Makati condos must do before the sale is complete. The first step is to be aware of the basics.

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In this issue: International buyers face price hikes in Penang

Penang property for saleOverseas property buyers eyeing Penang were dealt some bad news after the local government increased the real estate price floor for foreigners. Penang property prices have been on a slow decline in recent times and the move is the government’s latest attempt to halt the slide.

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This is only a sample of the great stories you will find in this issue of Dot Property Magazine. Click here to read it.


Latest issue of Dot Property Magazine out now!

Dot Property Magazine new issue

The new issue of Dot Property Magazine has been released and in it you’ll find a wealth of news and information on all things related to Southeast Asia’s real estate scene.

On the cover of Dot Property Magazine is The Ridge, a collection of 10 stylish pool villas on the island of Koh Samui. Each villa is wonderfully furnished, fabulously decorated and well equipped to make your Koh Samui holidays memorable. Click here to read more about it.

Also in this issue, we explore if the time is right to invest in Boracay property with the island open to tourists once again. There are some great opportunities in this resort destination and with new regulations in place, the future looks brighter than it did earlier this year.

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Have you ever wanted to see inside some of Asia’s most luxurious penthouses? Well, you can now explore them for yourself without needing to leave the couch. You won’t want to miss this special feature.

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And this is only a small sample of what you will find in the new issue of Dot Property Magazine. From the winners of the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2018 to a look at how politics are impacting the Malaysia property market, no magazine covers the region quite like Dot Property Magazine.

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Dot Property Magazine, Asia’s premier real estate magazine, is out now. You can read it online by clicking here or pick up a copy at outlets around the region including Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you prefer to read it on the go, download the FREE Dot Property Magazine app. You can find it in the Apple Store and Google Play.


Award winning villas with rentals and concierge provided by IVL Property, experts on Koh Samui

This story appeared on the cover of Dot Property Magazine. Click here to see it in the magazine.

Koh Samui based IVL Property, winner of Best Real Estate Agencies Southeast Asia 2018 at the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2018, is proud to be involved in the development and operations of the stunning villas at The Ridge, now completed and available for long weekends away from the city.

The Ridge, winner of Best Residential Development – Koh Samui, is a collection of ten stylish pool villas with an outstanding design that offers a seamless indoor and outdoor experience. This allows each residence to take advantage of the breeze, natural light and magnificent views. 

Each villa, ranging from three to five bedrooms, is wonderfully furnished, fabulously decorated and well equipped to make your Koh Samui holidays memorable. All bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms with rain showers while some are also fitted with baths that provide a view. All bedrooms feature private, furnished balconies. 

The open concept living and dining rooms are separated from the kitchen by a convenient breakfast island and open onto furnished poolside terraces. The villas are wired for sound, have home entertainment systems and dedicated high speed WiFi.  

Hotel like services in the privacy of your own villa at The Ridge

IVL Property samui rentalsThe Ridge represents a new way of vacationing; mixing the privacy of a chic pool villa with all the amenities of a hotel. Enjoy a fresh, chef prepared breakfast and allow our villa staff to take care of housekeeping while you lounge by the pool. 

IVL concierge services are offered at the time of booking with guests regularly choosing to pre-stock their villa with food and drinks. What’s more, most guests take advantage of the massage upon arrival service to get into holiday mode. Upon check in, our staff explains the features of the villa and connects you to our new concierge smartphone app that allows guests to browse and select options in their own language to make the most out of their Koh Samui holidays. Maps, menus, in villa services, drivers, attractions and boat tours can all be booked from the smartphone app, which also connects guests directly to the international team at IVL, experts on Koh Samui. Local support in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian and Thai is available. 

The Ridge Phase 2 to commence in early 2019

The Ridge Samui villa for rentThe Ridge Phase 2 will see the entire award winning development optimised with the addition of a full reception area with an office plus communal areas for guests and owners and a gym with multipurpose space that can be used for yoga, stretching or as a kids playroom.

The addition of a back of house area with chef-staffed kitchen for daily breakfasts and other meals on request and facilities for live-in staff allows for a richer customer experience.

The Ridge is located in Plai Laem, just minutes away from the IVL Property office. It’s easy to schedule a villa walk through while you are on the island as we have completed and off-plan villas for sale. 

Oasis Samui

In the mellow area of the island, south of Lamai, we have Oasis Samui, also winner of winner of Best Development – Koh Samui. This collection of stunning pool villas fringed with palm trees sits on a gentle hill and boasts a sea view. The Oasis Samui three-bedroom villa showroom has been furnished and decorated by our IVL Property design partners at Orchid House Design and is only THB19.38 million. Phase 1 is 70 percent sold out with several models completed. Additionally, Phase 2 villas are available for sale off-plan with four-bedroom villas available for THB33.88 million.

Villas at Oasis Samui feature super-high ceilings with full window frontage allowing for plenty of natural light plus impressive views and will be available for rental through IVL Property, with full concierge services starting in 2019.

Contact the IVL Property office to book a walk through at The Ridge or Oasis Samui and find the ideal villa for your investment, holidays and retirement.

Photo credits to our marketing partner Barefoot Luxury Villas Samui and Koh Samui-based photographer Leslie Fisher.


Dot Property Magazine releases first issue of 2019

Dot Property Magazine Q1 2019

A new issue of Dot Property Magazine has been released and in it you’ll find a wealth of news and information on all things related to Southeast Asia’s real estate scene. Our cover story takes an in-depth look at Anchan Hills, a villa development that offers one of Phuket’s best investment opportunities.

We also check-in with BitOfProperty, a crowdfunding real estate investment platform that could soon make its way to Southeast Asia. Click here to read more.

If you want to know more about the South Korea property market, we have a multi-story feature that explores at the country’s liberal foreign ownership laws and tries to figure out if the market is trending up or down. Click here to read more.

Other stories we covered in this issue include Cebu’s historic property market, a recession-proof real estate investment in the UK and the performance of the Bangkok condo rental market.

Download Dot Property Magazine Now

Dot Property Magazine, Asia’s premier real estate magazine, is out now. You can read it online by clicking here or pick up a copy at outlets around the region including Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you prefer to read it on the go, download the FREE Dot Property Magazine app. You can find it in the Apple Store and Google Play.


Cover Story: Phuket’s best residential and investment villa

This story on Anchan Hills appeared on the cover of Dot Property Magazine. Click here to read this issue! 

“When people think of Phuket, they definitely think about a relaxing vacation and basking in the joy of the island’s sunny days. A place where they can enjoy activities on white sandy beaches, celebrate their events, share fantastic moments and cap ofF these wonderful times with dinner as the sun sets. Our inspiration with Anchan Hills is to create homes that fulfil this happiness and allow residents to live life as if every day was a holiday.”
– Preechapol Sae-Tiw, Founder of Anchan Hills

The location of Anchan Hills allows those staying here to enjoy the best life has to offer. The development is close to the neighbourhood of Laguna Village, one of the island’s most desirable residential areas.

Modern shops and stores are nearby, providing convenience while the development itself is secluded allowing for peace and tranquillity. Additionally, the pristine Bang Tao Beach is a short-drive away where residents can enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the sea.

“Anchan Hills is very close to the Bang Tao Beach area which has one of the most well-known white sand beaches in all of Phuket. The beach is five-kilometres long and faces out to the west coast with the national park at Layan towards the north end. The area itself has a number of famous restaurants, clubs, bars, shops, golf courses and spas, all of which can easily be accessed from Anchan Hills,” Preechapol Sae-Tiw, Anchan Hills Founder, explains.

Only the best

Anchan Hills for saleWhen Anchan Hills claims to be the best, the project has the credentials to back it up. It was named Best Luxury Villa Development at the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2018 in addition to being honoured with several other awards. Developer Pearl Island Properties has left no stone unturned in search of crafting the absolute best villas.

“We use materials that are in the upper range of quality while also utilising luxurious architecture and interior design details. Our goal is to ensure that every villa meets the requirements of even the most discerning buyer or investor,” Preechapol says. “Those buying an Anchan property can be rest assured knowing they will receive the most flexible and secure investment property.”

The natural materials, quality fittings and Balinese-style architecture creates a striking appearance that embraces the island’s tropical charm. This is evident in the harmony found between the internal and external spaces of each villa. It’s the design language that allows Anchan Hills to capture the Phuket holiday lifestyle experience.

“Two of the main features of the villas are the special wooden roof design and the green slate walls. These elements create a natural appearance for all residences that provides a relaxing ambiance,” Preechapol details.

Anchan Hills villa features
  1. Built-in “Absolute Kitchens”
  2. Aluminium doors and Sun-Paradise windows
  3. Porcelain floor tiles imported from Italy
  4.  Green Slate stone walls imported from Spain
  5. Balinese Stone swimming pool tiles
  6.  Travertine Marble bathroom tiles

No better investment

The location and luxurious villas means Anchan Hills is an exciting investment opportunity. The developer offers a guaranteed rental income of six percent of the final selling price of the property annually for five calendar years. The generous returns are far more than what you would find when buying property in places like London or Singapore.

But this is only half the story. As part of the rental programme, owners can stay at Anchan Hills for up to 30 nights each year. This option is ideal for those who want a luxurious residence in Phuket that is sure to bring in passive income. The development uses a point system for owners that works as follows:

Peak Period: 20 December – 28 February (1-night = 3 points)

High Period: 1 – 19 December, 1 March – 30 April, 15 July – 15 August (1-night = 2 points)

Normal Period: 1 May – 14 July, 16 August – 30 November (1-night = 1 point)

Owners who purchase the furniture and rental accessory package are eligible to join the rental programme. Preechapol notes that the package is well designed and every last item has been hand picked by the company’s professional design team.

And regardless of if you’re staying at the villa or it has been rented out, the experienced aftersales service team is always on hand to ensure your property is being looked after.

“As a proud property developer, we are passionate in helping our homeowners keep their villas well maintained at all times. Our experienced Villa Services Team is here to provide housekeeping, pool cleaning and gardening service during your stay and while you are away,” Preechapol says. “We are also happy to go the extra mile to make sure each homeowner and guest experiences the most relaxing and unforgettable stay possible.”

An easy process

Anchan Hills villa for saleThe buying process is very easy regardless of if you’re an overseas investor or local resident. Pearl Island Properties has helped countless clients over the years and Preechapol points out that the high number of repeat buyers at Anchan projects highlights the company’s commitment to service.

For overseas buyers, it is recommended they choose the leasehold option, which will allow them to hold the property for up to 90 years.

“Owning the villa in your name and registering for a 30-year land lease is the most convenient option for a foreigner holding a non-condominium property in Thailand. The lease can be extended twice for a total of 60 years with the length of the lease extending to 90 years altogether,” Preechapol states. “Our lawyer is willing to advise you on all details of the legal process to ensure a smooth transaction.”

Anchan Hills is just one of a number of developments Pearl Island Properties has worked since being founded more than a decade ago. The company’s Anchan Villas project has been well received by clients since launching.

“In terms of luxury residential real estate, our company has been recognised as one of the best developers in Phuket. With each and every phase, all of the villas we have created have been improved in both detail and quality,” Preechapol details. “With more than 10 years’ experience, we continue to present amazing accommodations for investors and end users who want to take part in the holiday lifestyle Phuket offers.”

Everything the company does is guided by one simple principle that Preechapol explains: “We build homes for our customers as if they were our own. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction so they can take pride in owning an Anchan property.”

For more information, please visit:


Don’t miss the newest issue of Dot Property Magazine!

Dot Property Magazine
Shambhala Grand Villa from developer Boat Pattana is the cover story for this issue of Dot Property Magazine

The new issue of Dot Property Magazine has been released and in it you’ll find a wealth of news and information on all things related to Southeast Asia’s real estate scene.

On the cover of Dot Property Magazine is Shambhala Grand Villa from developer Boat Pattana. Located in Phuket, this pool villa development caters towards investors who want an eye-catching property that will be popular among tourists visiting the Thai island. In addition to strong potential returns, the project’s free-stay policy provides you with the chance to enjoy your investment.

Also in this issue, we take a deep look at demand for property in Phuket. Utilising data from the Dot Property network, this feature includes information on when demand for condominium units and detached housing is greatest and where people are looking for real estate on the island.

You’ll also have a chance to read more about proptech in Southeast Asia, including what trends Cento Ventures, a leading Singapore-based venture capital firm with funds focusing on the sector, are seeing.

Keep reading

And this is only a small sample of what you will find in the new issue of Dot Property Magazine. From the Philippines to the UK, we cover a wide range of topics. What are you waiting for? Start reading today.

Dot Property Magazine, Asia’s premier real estate magazine, is out now. You can read it online by clicking here or pick up a copy at outlets around the region including Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you prefer to read it on the go, download the FREE Dot Property Magazine app. You can find it in the Apple Store and Google Play.


Uniquely Phuket: Shambhala Grand Villa is a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity

Boat Pattana isn’t simply a developer building projects in Phuket. They live and breathe the area focusing on today, tomorrow and the future. With ten years of experience and more than 20 completed developments, the company continues to bring one-of-a-kind projects to the market that both local and international buyers love.

To fully understand the bond Boat Pattana has with Phuket, all you need to do is look at the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. From making donations to local schools and hospitals to supporting local SMEs, Boat Pattana aims to improve life for everyone on the island and beyond.

“We think that CSR is important because we all want to live in a good society where everyone is healthy and happy. It is important to contribute positively towards making this a reality. Moreover, Boat Pattana is also concerned about the environment and energy conservation. We want to help create a sustainable environment. For example, using energy saving designs is a key part of our philosophy,” Khun Panupong Kritchanarat, CEO at Boat Pattana, details.

These efforts are all part of the company’s business vision to be the leading tourism and leisure property developer in the Andaman Provinces of Thailand. Boat Pattana believes it should deliver high value to all of its clients by offering creativity, mutual trust and a strategic partnership. These three traits form the core of the firm’s company culture.

“With our strong beliefs, vision, mission and corporate culture, we think that we are unique and can create the most value for our customers while also helping improve Phuket,” Khun Panupong states.

Unparalleled design inspired by nature

Cherng Talay area villa for sale
Every Boat Pattana development has design elements not found elsewhere

This is the Boat Pattana philosophy and it is what drives the look and feel of the company’s projects. Additionally, the homebuilder looks to adapt its philosophy so every development suits both the location and the target client. This ensures unique projects that are unlikely anything else found in Phuket.

A great example of the Boat Pattana philosophy come to life is at its Deva Escape project. The luxury private pool villa development is situated close to Bypass Road, one of Phuket’s most popular locations for upscale residences. Knowing this, the company went above and beyond to build something not before seen in this area.

“Deva Escape Villas are very rare and incredibly exclusive. We only built five units. All five of these unique villas feature a lot of high-skilled craftsmanship from the trained workers who helped create them,” Khun Panupong explains. “Some architectural elements are inspired by the 1000-year old stone castles found in Thailand. Our customers are very satisfied with the design and the uniqueness of their mini castles.”

He continued, “Many other customers want us to build these type of residences. They are unique for ultra high-end villas, but we can’t recreate what we did at Deva Escape. That is due to our commitment and promise to only create five units in the style of Deva Escape.”

It is not just Deva Escape Villas that gets Boat Pattana’s signature treatment. Each of the developer’s projects has a unique style. Casa Riviera, Casa Signature and Project F are all luxury developments. However, each one has a different style and perspective that makes it unique.

Shambhala Grand Villa: A unique investment

Shambhala Grand Villa is one of the newest projects from Boat Pattana. The exquisitely designed pool villa development caters towards investors who want an eye-catching property that will be popular among tourists visiting Phuket. To this end, Shambhala Grand Villa is situated close to Boat Avenue and the Cherng Talay area.

Additionally, Layan Beach, Bang Tao Beach and the new Porto de Phuket by Central Group, some of the island’s most popular tourist destinations, are all nearby. And while the location is excellent, the Boat Pattana philosophy will ensure the project is truly unique.

“Shambala Grand Villa has two- and three-bedroom pool villas and each one comes with furniture, room amenities and all basic electrical appliances. This means they are ready to be rented out upon completion,” Khun Panupong notes. “The plot size starts at 360 square metres and goes up to 600 square metres ensuring the spaces are large and offer plenty of privacy.”

Khun Panupong confirms that construction on Shambala Grand Villa will begin in October 2019 and should be completed by the end of next year. This means owners can begin renting out their villa during the high season of 2020. And thanks to the unique design, these properties will be in high demand as soon as the project opens.

“Our architect team utilised Tibetan design elements mixed with modern Oriental style to make Shambala Grand Villa truly unique. You won’t see another development like it,” Khun Panupong says. “The key difference to these villas is the double master bedroom. We considered the occupancy of guests and came to understand no one wants to choose between a bigger or smaller bedroom. Our design makes it so guests all get to sleep in the same size master bedroom.”

Shambhala Grand Villa ownership and investment

Shambhala Grand Villa for sale
Owners can use their residence for several nights each year

There are a few options available for investors interested in buying a residence at Shambala Grand Villa. Thai buyers are able to purchase a villa on a freehold basis. Meanwhile, international buyers are able to acquire a unit on a leasehold basis, which guarantees rights for up to 90 years.

Investors can also take comfort in the fact that Boat Pattana’s strategic partner will manage all villas and handle renting out the property throughout the year. Buyers can experience the property management first hand should they be in Phuket. The project’s stay policy allows villa owners a set number of free nights each year. The policy is as follows (terms and conditions apply):

1st year: 14 days

2nd year: 7 days

3rd year: 7 days

Shambala Grand Villa guarantees returns of six percent to buyers during the first three years of the project. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to the proven track record of Boat Pattana along with the unique design of Shambhala Grand Villa and the project’s great location, it will prove to be an ideal investment.

“We strongly believe that once Shambhala Grand Villa is completed, it will be one of the best projects in terms of value for investment and location. It is one of the closest, if not the closest, residential project to Boat Avenue and Porto de Phuket. This is an area where values are already increasing. Our clients will enjoy both capital gains and rental returns that they will be happy with,” Khun Panupong concludes.

This article appeared in Dot Property Magazine. Click here to read it.