The Hand-Held Circular Saw

Photo: Flickr The circular saw was invented in England at the turn of the nineteenth century, though there is considerable disagreement on precisely when and by whom the tool was devised. Whenever and wherever it happened, the innovation was a great step forward. Among many advantages of the circular saw is its simple efficiency. Unlike… Continue reading The Hand-Held Circular Saw

The Saber Saw

Photo: Flickr A rule of thumb in the tool world is that the smaller the blade, the greater the variety of cuts. One tool that demonstrates the truth of the axiom is the saber saw. This versatile power tool, which is also called a power jigsaw or power scroll saw, is used most often with… Continue reading The Saber Saw

Electric Drills

Photo: Milwaukee The electric drill is about as versatile as a tool can get. It drills holes of many kinds, of course, but it can sand and grind, too, as well as drive screws. And it can stir paint or plaster. Not too many years ago, drills with specialty attachments were commonly used as routers… Continue reading Electric Drills

Using Your Wood Router: A Brief Intro for Beginning Woodworkers

Photo: Once you’ve grown accustomed to the wood router, the tool will fit naturally into your grasp. Initially, however, it may feel foreign indeed, quite unlike other tools you know and like. Wear ear protection, as well as safety glasses, since the tool tends to produce a considerable amount of noise. 3 Ground Rules… Continue reading Using Your Wood Router: A Brief Intro for Beginning Woodworkers

Tilting Arbor Saw

Photo: For many woodworkers, the single most important workshop tool is the table saw. Though it is most often referred to by that name (and occasionally as a bench saw or contractor’s saw), the more precise name is the tilting arbor saw. It’s a large but deceptively simple tool, really just an upside-down electric… Continue reading Tilting Arbor Saw

Band Saw

Photo: Some cabinetmakers of distinction assert that the band saw is the single most important stationary tool in the workshop, more valuable even than the table saw. I, for one, haven’t yet unplugged my table saw and offered it at a tag sale; but I have to agree that the band saw is a… Continue reading Band Saw


Photo: The jigsaw resembles the band saw in that the workpiece is presented to the blade atop a small table (nine inches by seventeen is about average; some brands have larger tables). Curved workpieces can be done on both the jigsaw and band saw, but that’s where the resemblance ends. Also called the power… Continue reading Jigsaw